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‘How Married is Medea?’, Issue # 27  (2023) of Critical Stages/Scènes Critiques (


The Best Books on Greek Theatre for Practitioners and Audience



‘A Sense of Theatre: the theatre historian’s perspective’, Arion, Winter 2023,15-23, first presented as a keynote  of the VAST Internatioal Theater Conference :Values across Space and Time, Cultural  Heritage and Memory, Athens, Nov 2021.




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                  EuripBookJpgConvert.jpg (46064 bytes)
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Radio Play
Frogspawn, a play for Radio (published in Arion Vol. XXII, no. 3, Winter 2015)

Published Translations
For enquiries relating to performance rights of published translations contact
Aeschylus Oresteia (with M. McDonald, 2007). London: Nick Hern Books.
Sophocles Electra (with M. McDonald, 2004). London: Nick Hern Books.
Euripides Electra (with M. McDonald, 2004). London: Nick Hern Books.
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Methuen Classical Greek Plays in 13 volumes (1988-2001). Editor, introductions and sometime translator of:
           Sophocles. Women of Trachis
           Euripides. Alcestis, Bacchae, Cyclops, Medea, Rhesus 
           Menander. The Malcontent, The Woman from Samos

London: Methuen  Drama 1988-2001.
                 Aeschylus (2 volumes)
                 Sophocles (2 volumes)
                 Euripides (6 volumes)
                 Aristophanes (2/3 volumes)
                 Menander (part-volume)

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Articles in journals
"Craig and the Greeks" , Theatre Arts Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2015, pp. 23-35.
'The Translator's Invisibility: Handling Irony', GRAMMA, Vol. 22 (1), 2014 (pub. 2015), pp. 143-58.
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Contributor to
The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics (Brill)
The Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy (Wiley-Blackwell)
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance (OUP)
The International Dictionary of Theatre Part 1: Plays (St James Press)
The International Dictionary of Theatre Part II: Playwrights (St James Press)
The International Dictionary of Opera
The Fontana Biographical Companion to Modern Thought
The World Encyclopaedia of Dance
The Oxford Book of Plays (Classical Editor)
'Last Call for the Playwrights?' Jan Kott, The Eating of the Gods: an Interpretation of Greek Tragedy; Euripides, Medea, a New Version by Ben Power, Arion, Third series, 23.1 Spring/Summer 2015, pp. 155-67.
The Arts Council of England. 88 production reviews for the Revenue and Project Panels (1984-2001)
Book reviews for:
New Theatre Quarterly
The Higher
The Classical Review
The Journal of Hellenic Studies
Theatre Research International
Theatre Notebook

For enquiries relating to performance rights of unpublished plays or translations referred to above, contact
Plautus: The Comedy of Terrors or Menaechmi Behaving Badly
with M. McDonald:
     Iphigeneia Among the Taurians
Jean Anouilh:
     Oedipe ou le roi boiteux
Original Plays
HUAC and the Theatre (Documentary)
Helen (after Euripides)
The Parasite (from Mayakovsky's Klop)
The Female of the Species
Routine Questioning
Gentlemen and Players, a comedy for radio about W. G. Grace

Recent Papers given:
2014    Nicosia, Cyprus ITI, 'Offstage and On: Aeschylus to Menander'.
2010    The Getty Villa, Malibu, Symposium entitled Artists and Actors: Iconography and                                Performance in Ancient Greece, 'Performance Perspectives'. 
2010    Queen Mary College, University of London,Conference entitled Theatre                                              Translation  as Collaboration: Re-routing Text Through Performance, Plenary                                 Lecture, 'Who's Gag is it Anyway?'
2009    Delphi, European Cultural Centre, 'How Married is Medea?'
2008    The Comparative Drama Conference, Los Angeles, ‘Coney - Catchers in Plautus’.

2007    Royal Holloway and King’s College, London, ‘The Word and the Take: Writing for                            the Mask’.
2006    Delphi, European Cultural Centre, ‘The Military and Military Language in Rhesos’. 
           Centre  for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of  Manchester 
               '"Enough Give in It": Translating the Classical Play'.

2005    Northridge, CA, Comparative Drama, 'Aristophanes and the Theatre of Burlesque'.

           University of Athens, ‘Crisis: What Crisis?: Theatre and Theatre Studies in the                     
                Twenty-first Century’.

2004    San Francisco, A.P.A. ‘New Stage Visions: Craig’s Classical Operas’.

            Delphi, European Cultural Centre.  ‘Deianira, the Poor Relation’.

            Cyprus, I.T.I, ' "Comfortable Up Here, Comfortable Down There": The Life of                                    Sophocles'.

            Elefsina, DESMI, 'A Prop to our Infirmities: The Fallible Body in Sophocles'.

            Athens, I.T.I.  'Choosing a Hat'.

            Olivier Theatre, National Theatre of England 'Routine Business: Plautus in the 

2003   Keynote speech on Gordon Craig in the Pastmasters Series, The Centre for                                         Performance Research, Aberystwyth, 'Gordon Craig and the Classical Revival'.

           Guest Lecture on 'Translating Comedy', The Centre for Translation and Intercultural
               Studies, University of Manchester.

           The Hellenic Society. 'From Attic to Best-Seller: Ancient Drama for the Audience  of                    Today'.

           Getty Museum 'New Stage Visions: Edward Gordon Craig’s Classical Designs'.

2002    'Hats and Masks'. Plenary Lecture I.T.I., Athens; Amsterdam (I.F.T.R.).

1997-   Plenary, Keynote or Guest Lectures:
Cyprus, Baton Rouge, Plovdiv, UCLA, UCSD, UC Riverside, Delphi, Epidaurus,
University College  Dublin, Trinity Dublin, Cork, Dallas, Paris, Thessaloniki, Lyon,
Tel Aviv, Getty Museum, Athens, Elefsina, Oxford, Canterbury, Manchester, Aberystwyth.
APA (Panel organiser) at Dallas, San Diego, Philadelphia, New Orleans.